Complementary Food and Wine

What is an “Evening of Celebration and Support” without great food and wine?!  So here is what you will find at the Wise Women 2013 Strong for the Holidays event…


Two Men and a Truck Awesome Dessert Table:

Dottie Cole and her big strong menwon’t actually be baking the cake and the goodies, but they are generously providing the funds to make sure we can truck in an impressive spread!.

Operating principal here:  the more delicious the cake you eat, the more endorphins driving through your brain making you feel fabulous, which will in turn move you buy more raffle tickets to support Domestic Violence Services of South Western PA.  (And you will feel so good about your contribution you won’t gain an ounce.)

                                                                  Two Men and a Truck = Happiness = we all win!

                                                                   Thanks TMaT!!!

Women for Wine Sense Wine Table:

The Pittsburgh Chapter of Women for Wine Sense is excited to provide the wine for this year’s Strong for the Holidays event.   (It adds to the “celebration” part of the evening!)  Women for Wine Sense is the nation’s premiere networking and educational organization for wine enthusiasts and professionals.

They have a hunch more than a few South Hills women enjoy their wine, want to learn more about wine, and would like to do cools outings with other women who like wine….  Learn more about their activities at their website.  Board members will also be there November 18 to tell you more.

WW thinks Women for Wine Sense has a lot of good sense; we thank the organization sincerely for its contribution!

                                             Thanks Women for WineSense!


Catering by Crowne Plaza South:

Hors d’œuvres and appetizers will provided by the wonderful chefs at Crowne Plaza South.  They are not exactly donating the food but they do understand the importance of our mission. They are graciously working with us to ensure you get a fabulous spread at a cost that still makes it possible for the evening to support  DVSSP.

Thank you Crowne Plaza!