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Marita Maloney, Water Colors

Marita Maloney, born in  Brookline, now living in Bethel Park, briefly toyed with the idea of studying  fine art in college.  She opted for the “more practical” choice of an Education degree but in her retirement she has once again picked up the brush.  Her goal now it to have fun.

She takes classes with Marcie Mason in Regent square and even when working on a class assignment she likes to find ways to make a piece uniquely her own.  That’s what happened with “Dyed in the Wool” , the picture we used for this month’s banner.  “The exercise was to do some basis yellowish sheep.  I wanted to have fun with it.”

We like the way Marita thinks. It also goes with this month’s theme of “Ageless and Stageless”. Where you are in life shouldn’t be a barrier to where you want to be; why can’t you be pink just because you are a sheep?!

Click on the picture to see the full work…

Aunt Martha's Flowers

Dyed in the Wool

Fresh Eggs for Sale



Spring Flurries

Burst of Color

Sitting Pretty

16 Responses to Marita Maloney, Water Colors

  1. Just found this site, Marita. I’m excited for you. I love it!

  2. Marita: Beautiful work, and congratulations!

    Jane Connolly

  3. Marita,
    Congrats on winning Best in Show and First Place. The sheep are really great!
    Love, Lisa

  4. Marita, Absolutely beautiful. I’m so impressed. Quite different from the vase with flowers we had to draw in second grade. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  5. Marita: These will decorate the mother-in-law suite quite well!

  6. You inspire me Mom! Congratulations!

  7. Mike Rectenwald

    These are amazing!

    Keep up the great work and let us know the next time you have a show :-)

    -Your Proud Nephew

  8. Heather Costello

    Hi Aunt Marita! I am completely impressed! You are a gifted artist!!

  9. Your art work is beautiful, Marita. What talent you have!

  10. What talent and creativity! Love your style!
    You can tell you are having fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. You go girl.

  12. Eileen Verostic

    Beautiful work Marita. Grandpap the Great is smiling down on you and saying “I remember when I went to art classes with this talented artist”.

  13. Aunt Marita,

    I love these! Is ” fresh eggs for sale” for sale?? It would look great in my new kitchen.


  14. Love these Marita!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  15. Marita! Dyed in the Wool is such a beautiful expression individuality. I absolutely love it!

  16. Dyed in the Wool is gorgeous and Fresh Eggs for Sale is pretty amazing too… love your work!

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