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Bookish and Brilliant: WW’s Literary Table

Fran: always working...

The buzz around the author’s table during Strong for the Holidays was great… How did you get started writing?  What’s your next project? How do you find time to write?  Wise Women featured 10 authors with local connections at our holiday event.  It made for a pretty heady literary corner.  If you missed us, or need to find out more, here’s some follow up details about these lovely ladies (and one guy) who stopped by to talk shop and discuss their passions.

Fran Joyce brought Dancing in the Rain: Surviving Breast Cancer and Learning How to Live. But she has more books in the works.  “I have also written a mystery/thriller that is not yet published. Currently I’m working on a book about women who have immigrated to the United States.”  Dancing in the Rain is available on Amazon.com and for the Kindle. (See sidebar) Fran tells us she donates 10% of the profits to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Lillian L. Meyers, Ph.D brought I’m Sorry for Your Loss: Hope and Guidance in Managing Your Grief.  She said she wrote the book to help other grievers.  It is also wonderful as a guide for those with friends and family dealing with grief – you really do want to know how not to say the wrong thing!  Her book is available on Amazon. (See sidebar)

Between Souls and between books...

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan brought a couple of books to our event, The Bumpy, Grumpy Road; My Food Notebook; and Thanks! 100 Wonderful Ways to Appreciate Volunteers.  Elizabeth loves working on books that offer creative solutions to everyday family tough spots and is currently offering school workshops based on her children’s books.  She is the Owner of Sweet Tooth Communications and bills herself as a writer, editor and creative strategist.  Intrigued?  Find our more at onesweetwriter.com

Eric Magliocca came to our event even after being warned he’d be the only male there.  This brave gentleman brought his book, The Red Triangle, which highlights the mysterious Farallon Islands, an uninhabited place teeming with marine mammal activity.  But The Red Triangle is not all dolphins and porpoises.  Find out what else lurks in those waters.  Available on Amazon and B&N.

Alison O’Neill Hess brought The Prophecy to our event. It’s the first in a Trilogy in her Between Souls series.  She is anxious to finish the final two if only “stuff” didn’t get in the way.  To hear the news when they’re out, sign up for Alison’s blog at alisononeillhess.com.

Thinks Scotsmen are sexy....

Victoria Roberts brought a few books in her romance novel series, Temptation in a Kilt; X Marks the Scot; and To Wed a Wicked Highlander – as well as a few hotty t-shirts.  She admitted she never read a romance novel until her friend forced her to read one – and then she was hooked.  All her books are set in Scotland to honor a place she holds dear to her heart.  Be a part of all the lies, treachery and betrayal her books bring to life — sign up for her newsletter at victoriarobersauthor.com.  Books available on Amazon and B&N. (see sidebar)

Becky Stern brought a few copies of her mom, Sarah Miller’s, book, Hiding in Plain Sight: Eluding the Nazis in Occupied France.  Sarah’s co-author is Joyce Lazarus, but Hiding in Plain Sight is actually Sara’s life story as a child and young adult.  Available on Amazon and other booksellers. (See sidebar)

Marylu Zuk brought our most humorous title to the authors corner, Whose A&& is That.  Her little book promotes women’s positive self-image in storybook style.  Marylu is an avid people watcher and regardless of the topic, her humor and pollyanna attitude set the tone for her writing.  Marylu is currently finalizing her chapter as a contributing author to Inspire – Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement & Influence scheduled for release June, 2014.  Learn more about Marylu and her book at http://www.maryluzuk.com/ .

Funny Ladies Maryann Barnes and Marylu Zuk

Do you think I spoke too soon?  Maybe Maryann Barnes has the most humorous title of the evening.    A Cat is Better than a Boyfriend Except for the Sex is a humorous relationship book that includes  adorable cat photograph accompanied by a short narrative. According to Barnes, “a cat fills a woman’s need to “give” and is such a healthy expression of that need.” Some of the proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to animal humane and rescue services.  Available at aCatisbetter.com

Kelly Eckert brought 2 selections, Make Someone’s Moment: Positivity Girl’s Guide to Finding Joy in Making Others Happy and Empower: Women’s Stories of Breakthrough, Discovery and Triumph.  She creates books and home-study courses that help people release fear so they can step into their true gifts and blaze their own trail in life.  Currently she’s preparing a virtual course on releasing fear and writing a book on using spirit animals to achieve success in your personal and professional life.  Find out more at http://www.kellyeckert.com/shop/


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